Arguing before the Louisiana Supreme Court.

Seth Hopkins is a Houston-based attorney and legal instructor who:

  • Represents the nation's third largest county in significant appellate, employment, and civil rights litigation.  Clients include the nation's third largest sheriff's department, medical examiner's office, district attorney's office, district clerk, county clerk, county judge, juvenile justice center, and various district court judges.

  • Briefed and gave oral argument before the Texas and Louisiana Supreme Courts and Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals. Drafted appellate briefs to the Federal Circuit Court of Appeals in significant civil and intellectual property cases. 

  • Prevailed in the longest single-client Title II Americans with Disabilities Act case in history (requiring that a public university correct 15,000 ADA violations at a cost of nearly $14 million).  The appellate court referred to Hopkins as "eloquent," "truly devoted," "gallant," and presenting a "well-orchestrated case worthy of emulation by the most seasoned attorneys" for his "superior performance" in a "rare and exceptional" case. Covington v. McNeese, 98 So.3d 414 (La.App. 3 Cir. 9/5/12).  

  • Represented a man who served 31 years in prison for a crime he did not commit.  He spent more time in prison than any other innocent man in Texas history.  Helped to negotiate an approximately $5 million settlement (half cash and half annuity) - the largest of its kind in Texas - after the Innocence Project secured his release.   


  • Assisted in representing clients in numerous multi-million dollar disputes involving oilfield assets, employment and shareholder disputes, premise liability, products liability, legal malpractice, insurance matters, and antitrust. Maintained a small transactional practice for commercial clients, non-profits, professional athletes, and entertainers.

  • Served as a clerk for federal and state judges and at the U.S. Attorney's Office and Louisiana Attorney General's Office. 

  • Developed online Constitutional Law course and taught courses in Constitutional Law, Legal Ethics, Intellectual Property, Torts, Contracts, Economics, and Writing.

  • Served as a White House, U.S. Senate, and Congressional intern.

  • Served on editorial board of Louisiana Bar Journal and edited a local bar journal and weekly newspaper.


T: 832-900-0356